Our services

At the Cupping Directives, we are available to help you with all things coffee events.

Interested in working with us? Please see below for information on the services we offer, then send us a message using the contact us page, email ([email protected]) or via an instagram DM to the relevant region.


  • Our Primary service via our instagram. We facilitate access to coffee events by increasing the reach of your event to our community and beyond. Whether your event is for enthusiasts, baristas, green buyers or owners, we guarentee your target audience will know about your event, how to get a ticket and what to expect.
    • Instagram stories, feed posts, email notifications and being London's, North's and the Midlands' coffee event communities effectively advertises, retains engagement and translates into increased event attendences.


  • Event planning takes time, effort and resources. With our experience in the coffee industry, even before the Directives were established, attending and helping with events ranging from latte art throwdowns, coffee cuppings to product launches, we know what it takes to plan an engaging event.
    • We work alongside you to iron out timings, content and flow of your event to ensure everything runs smoothly, with your desired outcome in mind.


  • Overseeing the number of attendee's with free or paid tickets via third party ticketing websites, writing event descriptions and managing information can be a lot to get right to effectively promote your event. We are well versed in maximising ticket sales and managing the process to allow you to focus on the actual event.
    • Ticketing platforms can be tricky, we can ticket your event effectively via our website or handle third party ticketing websites to achieve the attendence you require.


  • During your event, maintaining attendee engangement, directing the flow, keeping to schedule and staying in line with the event theme is tricky when you want to welcome and interact with everyone and enjoy your event.
    • The Directives takes care of ensuring the event plan is followed through whilst maintaining a highly entertaining, informative and engaging time for you and your attendees, taking the stress away from yourself.


  • Buying, storing and moving equipment can be expensive and hard work. The Directives we take care of this for you. Whether you need cupping supplies, classroom stationary, projecting equipment or catering, our experience and team can provice everything you need for your event.
    • We choose to use Barista Hustle cupping bowls and custom branded W. Wright cupping spoons for light-weight and to add a professional element to your event. Large 4L kettles, number cards and cupping bean trays also make the event run to our high standards. Other pieces of equipment are easily sourced by us or useable on location for your event specifications.


  • Our Communities come together to help us find the perfect location for your event. We boast an extensive, and growing, list of community members and profressional collegues who are at hand to help us with a range of venues and locations to suit.
    • Whether it be a small, intimate cupping for professionals or a large community gathering, to a latte art throwdown or a product showcase, we secrure the right venue for you.

Set up and Clean down

  • Come the day of your event, the Directives are on hand early enough to help and ensure everything is ready to go! From the first guest in to the last guest out, we gaurentee that everything will be set up for sucess and put back exactly how we found it. The only trace will be the memories of a great event.
    • We ensure that your event is 100% ready to go before the first attendees arrive and take care of all of the clean up and re-organisation required.