Policy and Disclaimer

Policy and Disclaimer


The London Cupping Directive, The Northern Cupping Directive and The Midlands Cupping Directive in this policy are refered collectively as 'The Directives'.

All queries, questions and communications should be made directly to the Directives via email ([email protected]), instagram (instagram.com/Londoncuppingdirective or instagram.com/Northerncuppingdirective) or the via the contact page.

Event promotion from the Directives operates for the main purpose to increase the reach and attendences of coffee events in London. Which aims to benefit those who are involved in organising, hosting or attending the event as well as the coffee community and the industry.

The Directives do not own and are not involved with events where it is not expressly mentioned. The use of others imagery in promotional posts is solely used to promote the advertised event to solely benefit the event owner and/or hosts. Permission is always sought to promote events which the Directives do not own, or are involed in, on the Directives owned media. Those who own, organise or host an event which has been promoted on the Directive's media has full rights to request imediate removal which will be complied with.

The Directives promote events which are first publicly availble online elsewhere and only share information which can be found freely and publicly online, or sent to the Directives directly from the event owner or representative. The Directives accept no liabiility or responbility for false or misinformation provided by other Event Organisers.

The Directives do not hold liability insurance and passes responbility onto the venue unless expressly agreed upon between the venue and the Directives in advance of the event.

The Directives handle your information in accordance with the UK GDPR.

If you wish to return an item, The Directives follow what is set out in UK Law. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Products are shipped on Fridays via Royal Mail.

The above policy outline and disclaimer is not exhaustive.